Explore Salò: The History and Adventure that Awaits

In a town that is awash with history, it’s no wonder Salò in Italy is a hub of activity for those with a real sense of culture and adventure combined. Like any of the Lake Garda resorts, Salò is perfectly situated to take advantage of the myriad of walking holidays in the region, while the rich history and incredible landscapes that the village offers ensure that your stay is something really special.

With a recorded history that dates back to Roman times and folklore suggested its history goes even further back to Etruscan origins, it’s no wonder the area is full of treasures to explore, including the Lugone necropolis in via Sant Jago. While over recent years, Salò’s roots have been firmly placed within the tourism industry, it’s certainly had its fair share of involvement in historic events that have all helped to create the village that it is today.

As far as Lake Garda is concerned, Salò is one of the most peaceful resorts you could plump for. While the popular resorts are heaving with activity, a stay in Salò will provide you with a more tranquil experience, while also placing you in good stead to appreciate your surroundings. Hiking is a particularly popular way of exploring the area, with some fabulous routes and trails that will help you to bask in the glorious scenery. Whether you’re after a brief, two hour trek to a more challenging day-long hike, Salò’s backdrop won’t disappoint.

While a stay anywhere in the region of Lake Garda will inevitably lead to a pleasant stay in north Italy, the village of Salò should be high on your list of options if you have a love of history as well as adventure. As the capital of the Italian Social Republic, its history is as rich as it is dynamic – see for yourself with a stay in the village and make the most out of the outdoors whilst you’re there.

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