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Ocean Fun on Lanzarote, Canary Islands

If you’re thinking of grabbing a last minute holiday this summer and you prefer a bit of adventure to just chilling out by the pool, then why not consider a break to Lanzarote. This fantastic volcanic island is part of the Canary Islands and has a beautiful coastline and mountain ranges to explore. There are… Read More »

Peaceful Places in Vancouver

When navigating around the large city of Vancouver and needing a quick a break to gather your thoughts, breathe nice and deep and just relax, you might want to find a place out of the big cities. This can sometimes prove a bit difficult when you’re low on time, so while in Vancouver, don’t fret,… Read More »

Top 5 Treks in Tasmania, Australia

Australia is a country as diverse as it is beautiful, but if you’d rather skip the cities and get in touch with your natural side, Tasmania is the place for you. It may be an island, but its dramatic peaks, rivers and rainforests are home to an abundance of wildlife and there are plenty of… Read More »

Top Yoga Spots in the World

Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you have to stop your regular zen routines. If you are a true Yogi you will want to keep on your schedule and practice normally. When going abroad don’t give up this good habit and continue no matter where you are. Here is a list of the… Read More »

reasons you should volunteer overseas

As a whole, volunteering overseas is an admirable and significant attempt to influence change. The motive to achieve the latter is strongly needed in today’s modern yet highly distressed world. It requires a lot of courage to become a volunteer worker in a remote place, and involves different challenges that you may have to face… Read More »

Zen Eateries in Europe

Looking for a few cool “zen-esque” restaurants during your travels to Europe? Be sure to visit these on your trip. Switzerland A street behind the Promenade des Bastions you will find the quintessentially tasty diner of Café Papon. The arched venue was first opened as a banqueting hall in 1808 but fast-forward over 200 years… Read More »

5 Chill Tea Shops in Central London

Tea is truly a central part to the English identity and there is no shortage of relaxing tea shops throughout London to take a break from your busy day or an afternoon of sightseeing. The tradition of afternoon tea began in the early 19th century and high tea, afternoon tea and cream tea is still… Read More »